A premier manufacturer of native Vermont Dark Mica thin stone and full bed Veneer
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Natural stone has always been regarded as a superior construction material due to the distinction it inspires with its inherent uniqueness, durability, and majesty. Unlike manufactured materials, natural stone comes in unlimited colors, patterns, and textures, providing unique aesthetic appeal. At Black River Quarries, we quarry and manufacture a variety of natural stones and thin stone veneers. These products are versatile, and in these images, you will see the various settings and features where clients have used products from our company. These stones and veneers lend a sophisticated look to indoor and outdoor environments and blend perfectly with different themes and aesthetics. We are here to help you select the most suitable materials for your project and help you with estimations and timely deliveries. As you can see here, the sky is the limit when creating stunning installations and features. You can mix and match various stones to create the walls and features you need.