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Landscaping Stone

At Black River Quarries, we have a wide variety of stone products to meet your every need. Our stones come in several hues and tints, including greyish, greenish, blue, and brown. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all things related to natural stone products. This includes but is not limited to wall stone, tiny wall, thin stone veneer, patio, and landing stone. You can count on us every time because of our impeccable quality, unmatched consistency, and dedicated attention to your needs. We guarantee on-time delivery of dependable, high-quality items since all our stone comes from our quarries. Landscape architects, contractors, developers, and builders are just some of the many customers we serve with our wide variety of natural stones and thin veneers. Several thin veneers and stones can be used for walls, mantelpieces, accent walls, outside walls, courtyards, columns, and more.


Wallstones, whether irregular or smooth and uniformly cut, are an attractive building material for these and other outdoor features. We have had our outstanding wall stones machine-split into regular sizes and thicknesses to facilitate easy stacking and installation. It is possible to install them in a mortarless arrangement with the help of a masonry professional or on your own, making them ideal for outdoor and rural areas. Stone is a product of nature, and so it has distinctive colors, patterns, and textures. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a hue or texture match. In contrast, wall stones are often uniform and sourced from the same quarries, so they coordinate well. We have a variety of stone stairs and various stones or veneers to pick from so you can give your outdoor spaces a uniform appearance. You can use a combination of wall stones to get the look you want in your outdoor spaces. Our team will help you estimate the required quantities depending on your project scale and scope. Read More About Wallstone »


You can select and choose from the several types of split wall stone that we must meet your specific requirements. Beautiful outdoor walls of varying heights and widths may be constructed with this stone because of its attractive appearance and distinctive structure and texture. Hand-Split Wallstone also called split stone/split flagstone, is a building stone that is both quarried and hand-split. These components may be stacked (dry stack), arranged semi-stack, or laid in a honeycomb pattern for a facade. There are choices for thin, medium, and thick/full beds. This stone may be used indoors and outdoors, making it a beautiful addition to a fireplace or exterior wall. Due to its natural origins, this stone has subtle variances in texture and color. We ensure that you get high-grade split wallstone based on your specific needs, project scope, and setting. Read More About Split Wallstone »


Fireplace hearths and accent walls may benefit significantly from the use of small wall stones since they are smaller and more manageable. Our stones are ideal for accent walls and other limited space areas. Walls built using these products look as great as bigger stone block walls at a fraction of the price and with much less effort. The weather resistance, water impermeability, and standard formability of small wall stones vary widely. Most stone walls are built using stone quarried or mined in the area. All these stones have variances in texture and color, which adds a unique look to the features you use small wall stones in. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable enough to provide all the details you need about our small wall stones for your next landscaping or wall construction project. We offer excellent value and timely deliveries of the small wall stones you need. Read More About Small Wall »


Steps are common in landscaping of both personal and commercial properties, and we have a wide variety of stone steps, including those made of beautiful stones like sandstone, marble, bluestone, and others. You can discover the perfect stone for your project among the many available lengths, thicknesses, and slab sizes. Landscaping steps are a great way to link a raised deck to the rest of the yard or to create a new level in a multilevel garden. Our company can provide stone steps of any length or depth from our quarries. We're here to assist if you're wondering what kind of stone slabs you'll need for a project. Our products are of the highest quality, and we guarantee you'll find something that fits your budget. Our experts will help with material selection to get top-quality products delivered on time. Read More About Steps »

We offer you quality, reliable and timely deliveries of all these and many other stone and veneer products at cost-effective prices. We ensure that you have complete information regarding the types of natural stones we have and where you can use them. Our team will also help you estimate the quantities and provide accurate quotes for your chosen products. We will also deliver the stones you order as per your desired schedule at the worksite. Our team will help with material selection and quantity estimations depending on your project size and scope. For additional details, please discuss your requirements with the Black River Quarries experts at 802-353-3616. If you prefer to write to us, you can email us through this Contact Us form, and our team member will contact you to discuss your project and requirements for different landscaping stones. Our team is helpful and knowledgeable and can assist with material selection.