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Steps and Landings

Hand Crafted in the heart of Vermont, our natural stone steps are the perfect fit for all your rustic landscaping projects with changes in elevation. Our step products will bring the feeling of the Green Mountains to your back yard.

Step Stones, Sharon, VT
Natural Risers that Typically have one natural face
Colors: Mixtures of blues and browns
UOM: Sold by the linear foot
Width: 36-72"
Depth: 12-23"
Height (rise): 6-9"

Larger Natural Risers that may have one natural face or an irregular natural shape
Colors: Mixtures of blues and browns
UOM: Sold by the square foot
Width: 36-96"
Depth: 24" +
Height (rise): 7" +

Steps, when constructed properly, may enhance the façade of your home and give it a unique character. A set of stairs connecting your home's patio or deck to the rest of the yard is a practical solution if your property is sloped. You might use them to reach higher or lower garden areas or to landscape in terraces. Landscape steps are also excellent for tiered outdoor areas and connecting elevated decks to other backyard areas.

Natural Stone Steps from The Best Quarries

At Black River Quarries, we have many stone steps to choose from, and you will find them in natural materials like granite, sandstone, bluestone, and others. These stones come in various lengths, widths, and slab thicknesses, so you will find something to suit your needs.

Since we quarry these materials, we have complete control over the product quality and delivery, which is crucial for many of our clients. We also maintain competitive pricing, and you can be sure that you get value for money every time you purchase natural stone steps and other products for your hardscaping and landscaping projects from us.

Robust Landscape Stone Steps

Our company quarries a variety of stone steps of all sizes and widths. We understand that you might need different types of stone slabs for different settings and applications, and our team is here to help. We provide superior quality products, and you are sure to find something within your budget. For more details and information about our steps’ products, please call Black River Quarries at 802-353-3616.

You can also email us using this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your project details and square and rectangular stone requirements. Our team helps with quantity estimations and suitable material selection based on your project scale and scope.