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Mosaics are irregular shaped stone that give the feeling they were picked fresh out of a field. Perfect for informal settings, they have a more rustic look. Designed to feel like it was installed right out of the ground for your natural stone project.

Mosaic Stones, Sharon, VT
  1. Shape – Irregular trapezoids
  2. Thickness - 1 ¼” +/-
  3. Sizes – 5-14” height and width
  4. Sold be the 100 sq ft pallet
Mosaic Stones, Sharon, VT

Veneers are a great choice to clad concrete, panels, and even board walls to create a natural and organic look in outdoor and indoor areas. Mosaic veneers are solid and available in a range of shapes and sizes. We make sure that you get similar quality stone from specific lots, so your outdoor spaces or indoor installations have a cohesive look. Black River Quarries can offer quality products consistently because we quarry them.

Unique Mosaic Veneer Products

Our thin mosaic veneer stands out because of its patterned finish, which has cuts that reveal an incredibly delicate marbling pattern or straight lines across a portion of the stone's surface. This all-natural granite is mined in Vermont's remotest regions, and it has stunning tones and intricate organic patterns.

There is a wide variety of hues in granite, from steel blue greys to rusted iron browns, light pinks, and muted blues and greys. The mix of these colors and the unique granite patterns in the deeper grey stones radiate the archetypal luxuriously natural aesthetic.

Beautiful matte finishes are standard in mosaic thin stone veneer, and most stones exhibit the recognizable granite patterns for which granite is known. Those looking to add a touch of rustic vibrancy to their indoor or outdoor spaces should check into these thin veneers.

Top-Quality Mosaic Thin Stone Veneer

We carry fine mosaic thin stone veneers of various types. These stones are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, and we will help you select the best ones. For more details, please call the Black River Quarries team at 802-353-3616.

You can also drop us a line through this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will contact you soon to discuss your project and mosaic thin stone veneer requirements. Depending on your project scope and scale, we help with material selection and quality estimations.