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Square & Rectangular

A stone that is roughly square and rectangular in shape. Perfect for formal settings where a finished look is desired. Square and rectangular veneer showcases the natural face of the stone and is the largest format of our thinstone veneers.

Square & Rectangular Stones, Sharon, VT
  1. Shape – Stones are roughly squares and rectangle
  2. Thickness - 1 ¼ “+/-
  3. Sizes – 4-14” height, 4-18” length
  4. Sold by the 100 sq ft pallet
Square & Rectangular Stones, Sharon, VT

Square & Rectangular thin veneer is made from natural square and rectangular slabs of New England fieldstone. The stones are prepared for installation by being sorted, divided, and chopped so they can provide the impression of depth with little labor.

The Fieldstone Square and Rectangular stone veneer from Black River Quarries is an excellent choice for lining chimneys, fireplaces, and walls of any shape or size. All square and rectangle stones have been handpicked, sliced, and faceted to ensure the highest quality.

The stone's exterior is weathered, which reflects in the natural face. The pieces are made from genuine New England stones, and their shapes are roughly rectangular or square.

Types of Square & Rectangular Stones We Supply

We provide a multitude of square and rectangular veneers, including the following:

  • Beacon Hill Sq & Rec
  • Black Bear Sq & Rec
  • Blue Indigo Sq & Rec
  • Copper Mt Sq & Rec
  • Grey Mist Sq & Rec
  • Harvest Ridge Sq & Rec
  • Mica Sq & Rec
  • Neva Sq & Rec
  • North Ledge Sq & Rec
  • Scarsdale Hills Sq & Rec
  • Tuscany Sq & Rec
  • Verde Sq & Rec
  • Verde/Tuscany Sq & Rec
  • Weathered Sq & Rec

Top-Quality Square & Rectangular Stones

Our company quarries a range of square and rectangular stones for various types of outdoor walls. These stones are uniform and look great in formal and informal-styled landscapes. Over the years, we have supplied these stones to individual clients, contractors, builders, architects, landscapers, developers, and for public works. We understand that you might need some guidance for material selection, and our experts are here to help with all the information you need.

For more details, please call Black River Quarries at 802-353-3616. You can also email us using this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your project details and square and rectangular stone requirements. Our team helps with quantity estimations and suitable material selection based on your project scale and scope.