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Green Mountain Natural Wallstone

Our Green Mountain Natural wallstone has been aged by mother nature for millions of years. The faces on the stone are rounded and match the weathered colors. A good mix of greens and browns truly bring home the Green Mountain name. Best suited for single sided retaining walls because the sizing of this stone is larger than some of our other wall stones. All stones should be movable by two strong humans.

Green Mountain Natural Wallstone, Sharon, VT
Green Mountain Natural Wallstone:
Stone Heights: 3-18”
Stone Width: 4-24”
Stone Depth: 4-24”
UOM: Sold by the one-yard pallet (approximately 3200#)

Black River Quarries is a leading provider of high-quality stone products and services in Sharon, VT, and the surrounding areas. One of our key products is Green Mountain Wallstone, a type of natural stone ideal for creating beautiful and durable retaining walls, garden walls, and other outdoor features.

Green Mountain Wallstone is a metamorphic rock found in Vermont’s Green Mountains. It comprises multiple layers of quartzite and phyllite, giving it a unique texture and color. This stone is available in various earthy tones, including gray, green, and brown, to add warmth and character to your outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Green Mountain Wallstone

There are several benefits to using Green Mountain Wallstone, such as:

  • Green Mountain Wallstone is a solid and durable stone that is very resistant to weathering and erosion, making it an excellent alternative for outdoor applications.
  • It requires minimum care once installed, making it a practical alternative for busy property owners.
  • One of the distinctive aspects of Green Mountain Wallstone is its capacity to be cut and molded into numerous sizes and forms, offering a great degree of customization. This feature makes it easy to design eye-catching exterior elements that stand out.
  • This stone is ideal for outdoor settings, including retaining walls, garden walls, fire pits, and water features.
  • Its natural texture and color provide a rustic and organic appeal that compliments the surrounding nature.
  • In addition, it can be utilized to make cutting-edge designs that meet the individual tastes and requirements of the property's owner.

Timely Delivery of High-Grade Green Mountain Wallstone

At Black River Quarries, we understand that selecting the right materials for an outdoor project can be challenging. We offer our clients assistance with material selection and quantity estimations. Our team of experts has extensive experience in selling all types of stones from our quarries and other places and can help our clients choose the best option that meets their specific needs and preferences. We also offer flexible delivery options to ensure that our clients can receive their Green Mountain Wallstone promptly and efficiently.

Call Black River Quarries at (802) 353-3616 to inquire about our high-quality flagging solutions. To get in touch with us, please fill out this Online Form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs. Trust that we can meet them with our top quality Green Mountain Wallstone.